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USTMA is the national trade association that represents the nation’s leading tire manufacturers and iconic brands. Tires manufactured by our members make mobility possible by safely transporting millions of Americans and millions of tons of goods each day throughout the country. USTMA members are committed to the continuous improvement of the performance of our products, worker and consumer safety, and environmental stewardship.

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Our Members


“I am convinced that a simple profit-seeking business will never thrive, but a business that contributes to its society and country will be forever profitable.”

Shojiro Ishibashi, Founder

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“When people, cultures, partners and systems are linked, sustainable solutions can be found that deliver greater value. We bring different people and cultures together, creating networks throughout the automotive industry and other sectors. What we learn along the way helps us attain the best possible result.”

Dr. Elmar Degenhart, Chairman of the Executive Board

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“Our journey is continuous, and we recognize there is still much to do, but we are committed to social and environmental responsibility. We consider CSR and sustainability to be an important part of doing business.”

Bradley E. Hughes, President & CEO

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“Sustainable development continues to be an area that Giti builds into all aspects of its business, from energy-saving technology and product development to 'green' production that improves the environmental impact caused by gas and water waste. We will continue to reduce our environmental footprint while improving our scale in other areas, to be the most valued partner for our customers, investors, and other organizations that we can be.”

Lei Huai Chin, Managing Director

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“In our relentless pursuit of forward motion, Goodyear is constantly evolving as we work to improve our performance. In addition to continuously improving product quality and developing new innovative technologies, we must also work toward building a better future for the world around us.”

Goodyear Sustainability Vision

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“Hankook Tire & Technology has been supporting the UN Global Compact and the SDGs and will continue to faithfully implement them in pursuit of the sustainable development of human society. We will also proactively fulfill our corporate social responsibility while enhancing our global competitiveness. Drawing upon our unwavering commitment to sustainable management, we look forward to your interest and support.”

Hyun Bum Cho, President & CEO

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“We are improving and institutionalizing ethical corporate behavior, human rights, and welfare to create a sustainable and ethical corporate culture. Kumho Tire is also engaged in eco-friendly business activities for future generations, such as developing eco-friendly tires, minimizing the environmental impact at the workplace, and responding effectively to the impact of climate change.”

Dae-Jin Jeon, CEO

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“Michelin is committed to developing accessible, clean, safe and connected mobility solutions to address the challenges of sustainable economic, environmental and social development. We act responsibly toward customers, employees and shareholders. We take action every day and focus on the long-term consequences of our decisions. Our sustainable development approach provides a framework for this ongoing commitment to effectively carry out our responsibilities.”

Michelin Sustainability Website

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Nokian Tyres

“The importance of sustainability will continue to increase, driven by the requirements of stakeholders as well as companies’ own desire to improve their activities and products. We have a long-term commitment to sustainability regarding our own products and operations as well as making a difference within the whole tire industry.”

Hille Korhonen, President & CEO

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“Pirelli has been committed to corporate social responsibility throughout its more than 140-year history. Wherever we do business, we strive to bring shared value creation to the wider community. We are committed to the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact on human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption. Pirelli applies these principles throughout the life cycle of our product, from natural rubber purchasing all the way.”

Pirelli Sustainability Brochure

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“Recognizing that various initiatives, such as creating a low-carbon society that alleviates climate change, preserving biodiversity and the global environment, using energy, water and resources sustainably, preventing pollution and controlling waste emissions are the most important and long-term concerns that all individuals and organizations must address, we have established our Environment Policy.”

Sumitomo Environmental Social Governance Book

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"Toyo Tires is committed to creating a more sustainable future and strives to make a difference for the benefit of both our local communities and our planet. Improving sustainability throughout the complete life cycle of our tires embodies Toyo’s global vison for a better tomorrow."

Iori Suzuki, Chairman, President & CEO

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“Our efforts to fulfill our corporate social responsibility begin with our core business: developing products that minimize environmental impact and designing and operating our plants to minimize environmentally-burdensome output.”

Yokohama Environmental Sustainability Website

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