Driving The Largest U.S. Tire Manufacturing Industry

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Our Sustainability Journey

U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) member companies are committed to sustainable manufacturing practices in every aspect of their businesses. As global leaders in manufacturing, they embrace a shared responsibility of helping to achieve a more sustainable society.

Our members’ collective progress and vision for a sustainable U.S. tire manufacturing industry drives our members’ six aspirational goals in the areas of safety and environmental stewardship and our members’ economic impact in communities across the U.S.  

See a message from USTMA’s President and CEO, Anne Forristall Luke.

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Vision 1

USTMA members strive to improve the longevity and driving performance of the tires we design, make and sell.

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Nearly 90%
of U.S. facilities are certified under ISO 14001
Nearly 10%
reduction in CO2 emissions at U.S. facilities since 2010
of scrap tires went to scrap tire markets in 2019
Nearly 53%
of energy at U.S. facilities comes from clean natural gas
of member companies support philanthropic activities
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Our Sustainability Pillars

USTMA recognizes three essential pillars of sustainability: safety, environment and economic impact. Explore how USTMA members create safe products and workplaces, embrace sustainable mobility of the future, and employinnovation and driving the U.S. economic engine.  

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